Pondering What We Have Heard

Greetings in Christ,

“But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart” Luke 2.19

As we prepare to celebrate our Lord’s birth it is helpful for us to, with our sister Mary, ponder what God is doing in the birth of Jesus.  St. Luke records that Mary listens to the shepherds’ witness of angels and promises from God.  She then keeps them in her heart to ponder what this witness means.

Mary had much to ponder.  Not only did she have the shepherds’ words about Jesus, but the visit from the Archangel Gabriel nine months earlier certainly still filled her with wonder at God’s Word and promise.  Mary was at the forefront of God’s plan of salvation, the first of all to hear this Word and have it become real in her life.  She was not only blessed among women for the honor of bearing Jesus, but she had the honor of being the first to believe the promise of a Savior.

We are invited to join Mary in pondering God’s Word of salvation.  The word, ‘ponder’ means to think deeply, to struggle with the words, wrestling from them the profound meaning they have not only for us but for the world.  The Word given to Mary, and to us, is a life changing Word.  It is a Word that brings salvation to the world, to each and every one who hears and believes that Word.

This Word made Flesh is given to transform our lives and is well worth the time we give to pondering what it means for us.  Find the time this Holy Season to hear anew the witness of the shepherds, the angels, of Mary, and ponder what that witness means for your life.

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