Our Freedom in Christ

 Greetings in Christ,

'For freedom Christ has set us free; stand fast therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.' Galatians 5.1

The freedom we enjoy as American citizens is not the freedom we know in Christ.  The freedom we have under the constitution is a great treasure, a treasure that we must never take lightly.  It has been purchased for us at a great price in blood and tears, defended in each generation of Americans so we may live in the peace and security we know today.  This freedom can be lost, taken from us by those who regard power as more important than the rights and liberties of the citizen.  We can also squander it in excesses of living that  make a mockery of the sacrifices given to procure our freedom.  Or we can become so lazy in our regard for our freedom that we become indifferent and act as if the cost of our freedom is a small matter.

However we regard our freedom as Americans, it can only be ours for this life. In death there is no freedom, at least no freedom that our Constitution can grant us.  Our rights and freedoms as American citizens cannot keep death at bay nor can they return us to life.  They will simply be gone.

Our true freedom is in Christ.  In His dying and rising Jesus has set us free, more free than any political system can ever make us.  It is also a freedom that can never be taken from us.  Those who have lived in Christ in under repressive regimes where political freedom is unknown are still free in Christ.  No power on earth can take our freedom in Christ from us.  The power of hell itself cannot enslave us again.  Only if we turn from Christ and go after the darkness will we surrender our freedom in Christ.

Even in the darkness, Christ will not abandon us.  He seeks us, opens our eyes to see our folly and calls us to be restored to our freedom in Him.  As you celebrate our freedoms granted under our constitution, celebrate even more the freedom we have in Christ.

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