Council Notes

St. Peter Lutheran Church, Greene, Iowa Unofficial Council Minutes 9/4/13

Present: Gary Schmidt, Sylvia Hawker, Monika Teeple, Bev Christensen, Michelle Hyman, Sue Schroeder, Eldie Peterson, Laurie Shultz, Bridget Shultz, Pastor Hatcher, Gale Brinkman. Also in attendance – Jennifer Duffield (Joint Faith Committee), and Al Schultz (Synod Rep.)

 Meeting opened at 7:35pm, with devotions being read by Sue.

Synod Stewardship representative Al Schulz spoke about the Mission Support Strategy of the Northeast Iowa Synod. The last three years, our missions support giving has been significantly less than it was in years prior.

Secretary's Minutes – Monica made a motion to approve, S/C.

Committee Reports

Building & Grounds - Kris Dralle/Eldie Peterson/Gary Schmidt: The current mower is not functioning well. Eldie asked if we could purchase a new one. He will get pricing. The west side fellowship-hall bushes need to be pulled this fall, as they are interfering with the air conditioner. Bush trimming (and replacement of bushes) should be done in the spring next year. Before pulling bushes out, we need to check on gas/electrical lines, and check with our neighbors.

Education & Youth - Bridget Shultz/Ashley Coake/Michelle Hyman/Maria Mathers: All teachers are in place for Sunday school, the calendar is being revised, but helpers are still requested in 2-3 rooms. Call committee if interested.

Stewardship & Finance - Sue Schroeder/Laurie Shultz: A time and talent card sample was emailed to council, as well as a ½ sheet sample response form. They would like to put this information on a stamped postcard that would accompany the monthly newsletter. The goal is to find out what types of “talent” our members have and would like to share or how they want to volunteer. Eldie made a motion to print/send the postcard. S/C.

Worship & Evangelism- Bev Christensen/Sylvia Hawker/Monika Teeple: Readlyn area parish offered to donate 125 of their LBW hymnal books as long as we pick them up, and the committee would like them for Saturday night worship. 

Bridget made a motion to accept this gratuity, S/C.

Mutual Ministry- Sylvia Hawker/Eldie Peterson/Laurie Shultz (Meeting on the 10th )

Shared Ministry- Sylvia Hawker: Have been meeting about the future of the After School Program & its location.

Sue made a motion to approve committee reports, S/C.

Pastor Hatcher's Report: Pastor noted that the Luther League trip was very successful, and a great group of young adults was involved. There will be a trial time for confirmation in September (6:30-7:30). Wednesday night praise worship is moving to 11am Sundays during the Sunday school year. Eldie made a motion to approve Pastor’s report, S/C.

Treasurer's Report: Quarterly giving letters were sent out this summer. Memorial funds and restoration funds were used towards the parsonage window funds. LSB has changed their banking processes slightly, which Gale discussed.

Monika made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, S/C.

Old Business: AED defibrillator quote was just over $2000. This includes installation of the unit. We would still need to find a trainer to instruct on how to use the unit. Laurie made a motion to purchase the unit. Bev seconded, M/C.

Parsonage Patio – Greene lumber company priced out a rhino deck at $7568.33 (not including labor or concrete). Wood was $2217.68 including a step to yard (no labor). Schroeder concretes bid was $2850, labor included (exposed aggregate). The price of the relocation of the furnace vents and TV tower would be additional costs. It was decided to get labor estimates prior to the next meeting (Bridget and Michelle).Wood around patio door still needs to be finished off a bit on the inside & trim work needs to be matched and painted. Eldie will make those calls. We need to review the checklist for the LL cleaning work for next year. Roger and Gale cleaned windows and shined the plexi-glass stained windows.

New Business: Stewardship weekend will be Sat., Oct. 12 & Sun., Oct. 13. Life Touch pictorial directory was last done it 2005. It was suggested that it be done in 2015 (every 10 years). It was asked if we should alter Sunday school & Praise worship beginning times. After discussion, it was decided that the Christian Ed Committee explore this first. Open enroll health insurance has changed slightly. Gale will review this information more with Gary, Eldie, and Pastor. Memorial of $10,000 in memory of Ivan & Frances Schafer by Donn & Cherie Schafer was given this past week. $762.00 was given in memory of Gladys Beninga as well. Notice was also given that $25,000 from the Charlotte O’Brien memorial estate has designated to the church. There was a request by Jennifer Duffield to have the After School program at St. Peter Lutheran Church. At this point, it is not up and running, as they still need a solid list of volunteers before committing (Call Jennifer if interested 641-330-5885). It would be approximately 3 hours on Wednesdays (2:15-5:15ish). They feel there would be more space in our basement. Last year they had up to 15 kids. Laurie made a motion, should the program end up running, that it be allowed to take place in our new basement. Monica seconded. M/C.

Other Business: Painting, cleaning, repair, priming of the sanctuary (2 coats) came in at $36,000. The repair of floors, sanding, and staining, came in at $4,000. Both were from Jim Stathopoulos (Quad Cities). Waiting on 1 more bid. Pastor would like us to begin looking into air conditioner options for next year.

Adjournment by: Sue, 9:18pm. S/C © Gary Hatcher 2013